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Ep. 21- Disney Tag with Our Pals from Geek Salad

October 1, 2020

Episode 21- We Play Disney Tag with Our Pals from Geek Salad

 This episode is going to be a lot different then our Norm as we not only have guests hosts joining us but also we are going to be sharing insights into why we love Disney. Today’s guests hosts are Andy and Mike, who are part of the crew that hosts their own show Geek Salad, where they discuss their love of all things that are super Geeky!!! Juli has been longtime friends with these Super Geeks and we are stoked to have them join us today as we play Disney Tag.

If you're not familiar with Disney Tag, it is a list of questions pertaining to Disney that you answer, then TAG a friend to answer. It's a lot of fun and will give you and your friends some new insights into specific areas that you either LOVE or HATE when it comes to Disney. These questions can be found online or to make it easier we have included a link in the show notes which we stole.

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