F Yeah! Disney

Ep.8- My Lady Bits Were on Fire!!!!!

September 18, 2019

   In this weeks episode the shows intro kicks off with the lulling sounds of Juli snoring as she dozed off during the initial reading of the Haunted Mansion narration.  Also Juli and Jason record together in person for the very first time!!! They discuss some current happenings within the Disney Parks with a main focus on the Haunted Mansion.

In the first part, they discuss the Passholder preview release of all the Arendale Aqua merch and delicious snacks.

In the main part of the episode, they share what inspired the initial designs and concepts of the Haunted Mansion. Together along with Walt’s influence, Imagineers created this one-of-a-kind attraction that has been enjoyed by millions of guests in its 50-year history.  

In the last segment, they discuss their very first experiences while visiting Galaxy’s Edge with some insights into the layout of the land and some of the amazing surprises that await you.

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The Haunted Mansion - Full Attraction Soundtrack (Disneyland Park)