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Ep.12- Happy 91st. Birthday Mickey

Ep.12- Happy 91st. Birthday Mickey

November 18, 2019

Episode 12- Happy 91st Bday Mickey

Hey there and thank you for tuning into this episode. Today we continue our conversation from Ep.11 by getting into the meat and potatoes of the show. We start off talking about our Veterans Day experience at The Magic Kingdom(find the video of the full ceremony on our Instgram IGTV) then dive into This Week in Disney, To Infinity and Your Mom and finish it up with some holiday treat talk in our What the Forky Food segment. 

Pat Carol the voice of Ursula reading the script of The Ghost Host Watch

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This Week in Disney link

Ep.11- The Smell of Barbecue Makes Me Hungry

Ep.11- The Smell of Barbecue Makes Me Hungry

November 16, 2019

Episode 11-  The Smell of Barbecue Makes Me Hungry

This is a special episode as we share our SUPER magical experience at Disney celebrating the year anniversary of the day we met. We give tips on how to make it extra magical and time savers when it comes to taking full advantage of Disney transportation.

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video of the new holiday marionettes at watch 

Capt. America inspired ears made by @boutiquebyjules on instagram or find her on Etsy: Boutique by Jules


Ep.10- I was Born Knowing Tip-Yip is Chicken!

Ep.10- I was Born Knowing Tip-Yip is Chicken!

November 3, 2019

Hey there and welcome to F Yeah! Disney Episode 10. Today we discuss a little Disney history, happenings around the parks and food.  Plus we get into the Cluster-F regarding the menu changes that were made on Batuu, in Galaxy’s Edge, at Hollywood Studios, in Orlando, Fl.  

Also Juli shares her method of planning for a week long Disney trip as she is spending 10-days at the parks with her besty Amy. 

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Links from the Show:

This Day In Disney History

Jim Hill Media

Ep.9- Gondola Gate 2019

Ep.9- Gondola Gate 2019

October 19, 2019

Well hey there!!  It has been one hell of a month for us and Disney. Lots of amazing changes have begun within EPCOT as Illuminations:Reflections of Earth has come to a bittersweet end and the new temporary show Epcot Forever has begun. Walls are up throughout the park and the demolition of Innoventions West has started.  The Disney Skyliner made its glorious debut and a week later was shut down due to a malfunction unforeseen by Disney and Thank Goodness noone was injured!! 

Food and Wine 2019 is in full swing and Juli discusses some of the goodies and merchandise available at this years Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney's California Adventure along with lots of fun happenings across the international Disney parks. Plus Jason shares some history in the This Week in Disney segment running October 6th-12th. This Week in Disney and Juli talks about all the NEW plant-based offerings within the WDW parks in her segment What the Forky Foods.

We hope you enjoy this episode and Thank You for tuning in. 


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Ep.8- My Lady Bits Were on Fire!!!!!

Ep.8- My Lady Bits Were on Fire!!!!!

September 18, 2019

   In this weeks episode the shows intro kicks off with the lulling sounds of Juli snoring as she dozed off during the initial reading of the Haunted Mansion narration.  Also Juli and Jason record together in person for the very first time!!! They discuss some current happenings within the Disney Parks with a main focus on the Haunted Mansion.

In the first part, they discuss the Passholder preview release of all the Arendale Aqua merch and delicious snacks.

In the main part of the episode, they share what inspired the initial designs and concepts of the Haunted Mansion. Together along with Walt’s influence, Imagineers created this one-of-a-kind attraction that has been enjoyed by millions of guests in its 50-year history.  

In the last segment, they discuss their very first experiences while visiting Galaxy’s Edge with some insights into the layout of the land and some of the amazing surprises that await you.

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Reference material and audio tracks:




The Haunted Mansion - Full Attraction Soundtrack (Disneyland Park)

Ep.7- Juli’s Moving to Florida

Ep.7- Juli’s Moving to Florida

September 2, 2019

Ep.7- Juli's Moving to Florida

Ep.6: Everyone’s Got a Laughing Place (Happy 30th Splash Mt.)

Ep.6: Everyone’s Got a Laughing Place (Happy 30th Splash Mt.)

August 11, 2019

Welcome to Ep. 6   

On July 17 1989 Splah Mountain opened and today we are celebrating the 30th anniversary with a segment dedicated to sharing the history of Splash Mountain.


Juli- Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel https://www.ravenswoodwinery.com

Jason- Koana Brewing company

Cast member previews have begun as well as testings of the gondola systems which open to guests on Sept 29th.


AP days in Galaxy's Edge in WDW start soon and Juli is lucky enough to have her date and we will be giving you full recap of her experience on Episode 7. 

This week in Disney we cover Disney History highlights that occurred Aug 11-17th


Highlights from Infinity and Beyond segment


-Main Street Electrical Parade

-Disneyparksblog Live Stream

-Food Options

-Photopass Shot

Disney World

-Magic Kingdom Security construction updates

-New Epcot passport

-Passholder gifts for Food and Wine

-WDW galaxy edge will have more alcohol than Disneyland

***Obviously… Disneyland WAS dry until this galaxy edge nonsense.


-Behind the scenes Lion King and Jungle Festival on their youtube channel. Show through Sept 22nd

Hong Kong

-More Princess Experiences as the castle construction is underway


-Disney Inspiration Run


-Disney Sea Halloween Merchandise!!!!!!


-Lion King Petit Cake from Amorette’s. 

**Website describes it as vanilla and chocolate chiffon cakes, with amarula mousse, pineapple jam, and chocolate covered potato chips.

-Passholder secret treat at Sunshine Season

**Sugar cookie Ice cream sandwich, chocolate drizzle, rolled in chocolate pearls

-Lemon Springtime cheesecake in Norway

**pink, yellow, blue, and purple, lemon candy fruit slice on top


-Fried pickle dog


Ep.5: Can I be a Stormtrooper for the Day???

Ep.5: Can I be a Stormtrooper for the Day???

July 31, 2019

 Can I be a Stormtrooper for the Day?

     Hey there and welcome to Ep.5 of F yeah Disney.  We are excited to be back and Oh Boy do we have a ton of News to cover today.   Since our show is created for the Adult Disney fan we wanted to make sure that we cover some content including “Adulting” at Disney. So today we are kicking that off with a new segment concerning Disney Tours with the all new $12,000.00 “World of Dreams Tour” where you can create the tour of your dreams so stay tuned towards the end of the show for that. 
     The World of Dreams Tour is fully customizable and lasts up to 12 hours. The $12,000 price tag sounds hefty, but it covers up to 6 guests on the tour. This tour includes special backstage access and private transportation to the parks. No need to worry about ride wait times, because on the World of Dreams Tour you’ll receive front-of-the-line attraction access.https://www.bestoforlando.com/articles/all-new-vip-world-of-dreams-tour-walt-disney-world/ 

     All meals for the day are included in the tour price, meaning three meals per day including alcohol. Where will you dine, you may ask? On the World of Dreams Tour, guests will have access to any restaurant on Walt Disney World property! No normal reservations are needed, so if a restaurant is at the top of your Disney bucket list, this may be the way to finally cross it off.

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Juli’s beer- https://www.harpoonbrewery.com/beer/summer-vacation/
Jason’s beer-https://brewbususa.com/beer/youre-my-boy-blue/

Bloomberg link for attendance https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-26/big-surprise-at-disneyland-star-wars-land-s-not-so-long-waits

Touring plans link. https://insidethemagic.net/2019/06/galaxys-edge-crowds-ba1/

















Ep.4: He Likes His Women Thin and Serrated

Ep.4: He Likes His Women Thin and Serrated

July 15, 2019

Episode 4- He likes His Women Thin and Serrated  


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-Our Beers of the Week: 

-Buzzy Stolen and charges brought to former Disney Cast Member

      (Article Link Below)

 -This Week in Disney-(7/14-7/20)  https://thisdayindisneyhistory.homestead.com/

-To Infinity and Beyond 

  •           Mulan Live Action (trailer)


     Disney World

  • New Busses! ((Watch Trailer)     Cute character wraps, Wifi AND USB outlets


     Future World closing dates Sept 8th(read more)

  • Art of disney
  • Character spot
  • Pin central
  • Fountain of nations
  • Club cool
  • Innoventions east 
  • colortopia 
  • * Starbucks and  camera center .  Fall closure (moving to Odesy building?) 
  • *Electric umbrella and mouse gear closing winter
  • *new illuminations merch released (Read more)

     Disneyland Paris

Race Weekend Medal images released Sept 20-22(check out the medals)




















Ep.3: Forky is my Spirit Utensil!

Ep.3: Forky is my Spirit Utensil!

July 14, 2019

Ep.3:  Forky is my Spirit Utensil!!

On this weeks episode, we share the current happenings at the Disney parks world wide as well as what happened on This Day in Disney (June 30th).

We also cover a new fun Forky treasure hunt and some topical spoiler free conversation around Toy Story 4.

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